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About this website

The first part of this page is about myself. General information (why I’ve made this site / information about the tags / etcetera) is at the bottom half of this page.

About myself

Basic info:

I’m female, living in the south of The Netherlands and born in the spring of 1981.

My relationshop with music:

I’m a passionated but at the same time ‘regular’ music listener sharing my favorites here. Not working in the music business, not that frontrunner discovering new releases before others do (there’s a reason this site is only about old music), and for sure not knowing nearly everything released in the past –> I wonder how some people seem to be able to, in a world with just 24 hours in a day; partly spent on sleep, work, etcetera. *scratches head*

Songs are found at internet stations, in shows presented by those frontrunners, at message boards, by clicking related videos at YouTube, by accident, etcetera.

That’s the way you have to view this site; there aren’t that many pretensions.

My personal music history:

1990/1991: THE VERY FIRST DAYS — I’m listening to music since early 1990: initially children’s music and my dad’s cds/lps. They were filled with classical music, old pop/rock classics and corny stuff like Boney M, Luv and BZN. Never heard of the third act? Check ‘Yeppa’ at YouTube.

1991-2004: DANCE MUSIC ERA — Halfway 1991, I started listening to current music. From that moment till the mid 00s I preferred dance music. *** The first couple of years there was much variety (from heavily commercial to quite serious), despite the clear rave influences. *** The next era was dominated by happy-go-lucky tunes, generating an endless list of embarassing ‘I liked that song’ memories. Dig up an average Braun MTV Eurochart/HitXplosion/etc. ‘month cd’, released somewhere between Autumn 1993 and late 2000 (for people outside of Europe: once véry popular illegal compilation cds), and you’ll find those tracks. *** In 2001 I started listening to more grown-up sounding dance; groovy house, Hed Kandi (like) stuff, acts like Basement Jaxx/Audio Bullys/Groove Armada and some trance.

SINCE 2005/NOWADAYS — In the mid/late 00s much changed (for example: playing lots of music released way before my time, which hadn’t been the case since 1991/1992), resulting in the current mish mash. Dance is still a part of it, just not that dominant anymore. In general, I pay attention to arrangements/details, and prefer tracks with an open, dynamic production; let’s call it a common thread within that mish mash. And many favorites have a funky edge.

–> Two important influences, among many others:

  • The deep house/tech house/classic house/electro station Underground FG (2005): still good nowadays but really awesome back then. In general, the tracks sounded quite subtle compared to a lot of dance I listened to before. In fact I discovered it right áfter my dance heydays, but that didn’t matter.
  • Lefto’s Studio Brussel show ‘De Hop’ (2008), playing music from the ‘beat scene’, jazz, world music, the better side of hip hop, etc; making me also listen to stations like FIP, Nova, Bolz, AlternativeRadio and Laid Back Radio. All those stations are on my radar since 2009 or 2010; sadly the last one doesn’t exist anymore. I’ve listened six years to it.


In general, I don’t like:

  • Excessively ‘brickwalled’ music/loudness wars; from time to time in combination with annoying autotune.
  • Specific types of EDM. Afrojack + music related to that sound isn’t my cup of tea. Same goes for that thing called ‘tropical house’; too lifeless and boring for me.
  • Music sounding that overly hipster it becomes painful.
  • …but in fact, forced hipness or just a contrived feel in general, on a level it becomes annoying. There are guilty pleasures among utterly plastic productions, but I leave tracks like Gwen Stefani’s ‘Wind it up’ to others. If I only count international releases (there’s A LOT of crap produced in The Netherlands), it’s possibly my all time most hated track. And most of her other solo singles aren’t that far from it.
  • About those crappy Dutch songs: There’s lot of stupid Dutch spoken rap music I can’t stand, often getting at least 1 million YouTube views for some reason.

….but there will always be exceptions with a certain x-factor.

Important sources:

I’ve got a couple of (very intensively used) wi-fi radios at home, and also listen to Mixcloud shows. And besides this, I try recommended tracks at music boards/blogs if there’s a chance I will like it, after reading the comment or description. But radio and Mixcloud shows are dominant.


Site information

This site: Why?

This is a kind of an archive, started in 2010 with the first tracks which came to mind, and since then constantly growing.

Making a kind of a personal music archive is needed for myself to see the wood for the trees, after listening to music over 25 years already. But sharing it with others is more fun. You can try something you don’t know yet, or – if your taste is/was partly similar to mine – feel nostalgic about some songs of yesterday.

The track selection

The track selection and ratings are strictly subjective. There are many well-made tracks not hitting me in the heart, and tracks considered rubbish I play to death.

About the tags

Tiny subgenres
Instead of nitpicking about tiny subgenres, I make use of ‘big’ genre tags as much as possible.

Electronic styles?
‘Electronic music’ is an umbrella term for many kinds of electronic sounding music, trip hop included, mostly under 120 bpm.

Hits in Holland / release year

  • When track X became a (Dutch) hit one, two or more years after the original year of release, it’s mentioned. It’s often similar to the situation in other countries. And when track x was originally released in (for example) 1989 and a Dutch hit in 1990, it’s in both the 80s and 90s sections.
  • When a track already became popular in The Netherlands in the year of release, nothing’s mentioned. That would be too much.

About so-called ‘hits’: I also count semi-alternative tracks becoming quite big, despite not having that much chart success (for example: a couple of early Portishead classics).

The original year of release?
The original year of release is based on information at sites like Discogs.

Guilty pleasures?
Those are marked with .

About the eras (second bar)

I’ve tried to divide the tracks as correctly as possible, when looking at the pop history and cultural changes. For example:

  • 1982 was hard to classify; partly late disco tracks and tracks with a ska/reggae feel fitting the previous years, and partly synth driven music fitting the years 1983 & onwards. I’ve grouped it with 1983 & onwards.
  • 1987 contained partly typical 80s music and partly tracks sounding relatively modern. I’ve grouped it with the previous years, but at the bottom of the 1988-1992 pages is also an extra section containing relatively modern sounding 1986/1987 favorites.
  • Where to classify 1993? Musically it fits both 1991/1992 and 1994 & onwards. The solution: making an extra 1991-1993 section. The late 80s and early 90s are hard to divide in general, because of many developments (popculturewise, musically, socially).
  • And 2001? I’ve drawn a line there, because of 9/11 –> hard to neglect. The end of the innocent dial-up internet era, the start of a darker and technically more advanced era. But a couple of simultaneously happening musical movements, lasting from +/- 1999 to 2003, made it hard to decide: N*e*r*d/Neptunes + the lounge and groovy house/Hed Kandi hypes.

Not agreeing with it? Share your thoughts below.

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