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Other links

A combination of link exchanges and personal favorites (*** = Dutch language).

Music sites, blogs

  • Blue Blue Electric Blue – *** A personal blog about (often) slightly alternative music. Updates: unexpected, no strict schedule, but when there’s something new it feels quite passionated.
  • De Krenten Uit De Pop – *** A blog containing album reviews and music lists. There’s much to read, and generally the things written there are well motivated – it even feels slightly professional. But it’s a solo project on a Blogspot account.
  • Dimivision – A Belgian blog about the Eurovision Song Contest. There are comprehensive reviews about all editions.
  • My Top 40 Gold – *** Looking back at old chart hits in The Netherlands. It’s not updated anymore.
  • Ondergewaardeerde Liedjes – *** A site about so-called underappreciated songs. Every year around Christmas there’s a chart published containing this type of songs: the ‘Snob 2000’.
  • Pop-Pourri Muziekblog – *** A blog mainly consisting of very, very long album reviews. There aren’t that many updates, but when there’s a new one there’s something to read.
  • Reminded And Rewinded – *** A very informative, well written Dutch blog about the history of top 40 music.
  • Written In Music – *** Music reviews and more. The long, well motivated articles have been written by professionals who have earned their spurs in the music industry and journalism.

Music sites, dance music

  • For Those Who Like The Music – ‘Paropetje’ filled his site with oldschool house and rave videos.
  • K Dj Eurodance LTD – …or call it ‘The Eurodance Encyclopaedia’. This site about this music genre is huge.
  • Webdj’s – Eurodance & Italodance – A kind of an eurodance museum. This german spoken site contains a huge amount of scans (’93-’96) of old magazines, and most people on that site are totally forgotten nowadays. Visit especially the ‘reports’ section, and also don’t forget ‘interviews’, but there’s more.

Music sites, about making radio

  • Radio I Love It – Everything about the art of making radio. Very long stories; can be interesting for real radio lovers.
  • Ross On Radio – A bunch of very nice columns, for those searching for background info about the American radio industry.

Music sites, charts

  • Eigenwijze 30 – *** The webmaster compiles his own charts with recent songs, partly based on the songs he really likes, broadcasted by Q-FM/Golfbreker Radio.
  • Hits Aller Tijden – *** Links to more than 1400 charts, filled with old music.
  • Micha Jans – *** This site contains the complete Dutch Top 40 archives, carefully maintained by the passionated site owner. You’ll find many year and decade lists.
  • Stimmenfieber’s Dance Top 1000 – This (formerly… sadly he had a fateful accident) huge dance freak once compiled a personal dance top 1000. Most tracks are of the 90s and not very well-known. There’s a lot to try!
  • Stimmenfieber’s Electronic 2000 – To be honest, the link above is the first version. The – once – site owner made a second version, even as twice as long (!).

Music sites, webradios

Stations I also want to mention, besides those on the regular webradio pages.

  • Radio Eurodance Classic – An internet station from Belgium. This station plays eurodance all day long, and not just the biggest hits.
  • Rob Stenders (radio & tv) – *** On this page of his blog the famous Dutch radio dj shares the (internet) stations he owns, or is related to.
  • United Sounds Choice – An internet radio station from The Netherlands, playing almost every (somewhat) mainstream style. Many shows, and extremely varied.

Music sites, remaining

  • Mr. Leenknecht – He shares his passion about music and graphics here. His radio show Chunks Of Funk (also on Mixcloud) is really recommended, btw.

Nostalgia, various

  • Do You Remember – Various kinds of memories. You can also provide pics by yourself.
  • In The 70s – General 70s flashback site.
  • In The 80s – General 80s flashback site.
  • In The 90s – General 90s flashback site.
  • Retronaut – Pictures, pictures, pictures. From all eras, and you can also contribute them.

Nostalgia, discussion

  • In The 00s – Discussion board, about things happening in the past and also about current pop culture. This site is of the same owner as the In The 70s/80s/90s sites in the section above.
  • The Personality Cafe (Generations Forum) – Are you a baby boomer, a generation X’er, a millennial, or younger than that? Everybody can find a board to talk about subjects as ‘who a millennial truly is’ or ’80s kid or 90s kid?’. It’s similar to the In The 00s board, but harder to navigate.

Nostalgia, webshops

  • Retro-a-go-go! – The design of the home page is already enough to visit this site at least one time.
  • RetroPlanet.com – Another webshop to buy all things retro.

Nostalgia, party organisations

  • Jaren 90 Disco Show – *** There’s nothing about specific acts on the site, but anyway… you can hear lots of 90s music there.
  • That 90s Party – *** A site of a 90s party organisator.
  • Tino’s Disco Show – *** Tino plays 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s ánd 00s music.


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