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More webradios

Most played internet stations (*) + more recommendations. No info about shows/presentation means at least 80% non-stop music.

Various genres, but mainly pop and rock

…+ clearly guitar based stations.

  • BBC Radio 6 Music * – From the UK, playing mostly pop and rock music, and from time to time something black or electronic; both (good) mainstream and less mainstream. Some music is decades old, other music is brand new. Much – often very useful – presentation.
  • FIP Autour Du Rock – From France: The guitar oriented part of the FIP family.
  • Ice Radio * – From The Netherlands (Dutch spoken) and the follow-up for the ‘original’ KX Radio, not existing anymore in that version. Some of the formerly KX Radio djs moved to this station. The presented part of the station is basically formatless but mainly pop and rock oriented.
  • Pinguin Radio – From The Netherlands: The original Pinguin Radio, playing new and old (semi-)alternative music. The station is mainly guitar based.
  • Radio Free Phoenix – From the USA and playing guitar music (in their own words: “rock, folk, blues, psychedelic, new wave, americana, progressive”), often oldies but also recent stuff. The number of tracks in their database: +/- 18.000. And there are some presented shows.
  • Studio Brussel * – From Belgium (Dutch spoken): Varied music, old and new, a mix of (good) mainstream and slightly alternative. Much presentation. I personally recommend Lefto’s hip hop show, broadcast from September till June but always available at Mixcloud. Much presentation.

Eclectic; somewhere between the sections above and below

  • Bolz Radio – From France: An amateur station playing many kinds of music, both black/exotic and more poppy stuff. Many of the tracks are quite unknown.
  • Grrif * – From Switzerland, playing (semi-)alternative pop and rock, black music and electronic stuff. Often quite recent, but also oldies. Much presentation.
  • MondoBongo Radio * – From Greece, and a slightly more powerful/poppy alternative for (the regular version of) FIP. An eclectic mix consisting of pop, rock, electronic music, world music, hip hop, jazz and soulful stuff.
  • Nova * – From France. Many kinds of music (from exotic stuff to slightly alternative pop, although it leans to the ‘black’ side), old and new, often semi-mainstream. It’s exactly the middle ground between 6Music and FIP. Much presentation.
  • Pinguin Pluche – From The Netherlands: The relaxed stream of the Pinguin family. The station plays soft pop/rock, soul and world music, and from time to time you’ll hear a song written in Dutch. But the general atmosphere is more like those typical eclectic stations from French speaking areas.
  • RTS Couleur3 * – From Switzerland, playing the same type of music as Grrif. Much presentation.

Mainly black/exotic music

…+ stations mixing this with electronic music

  • Alternative Radio * – From France: An amateur station playing many kinds of exotic and urban music; from the 60s till now.
  • Djam Radio – From France. Mostly black and relaxed types of music (sometimes world music). There’s the possibility to vote for the songs.
  • FIP * – From France: A mix of pop, funk, jazz, blues, urban, world, a little bit of hip hop and electronic, and even classical music. With presentation, in a subtle way though, by sweet female voices.
  • FIP Autour Du Jazz * – From France: The jazzy part of the FIP family. The station plays many types of jazz, from oldfashioned to modern.
  • FIP Autour Du Groove – From France: The funky part of the FIP family. There’s much variety going on within that funky frame, though.
  • FIP Autour Du Monde – From France: The ‘world music’ part of the FIP family.
  • FIP Autour Du Reggae – From France: The reggae playing part of the FIP family.
  • Le Mellotron * – From France: Electronic/urban music + something exotic from time to time. This is that specific undefinable format people like Lefto and Gilles Peterson play.
  • Pedro Basement Broadcast * – From France: Laurent Garnier plays his favorite tracks, in many, many styles, although the combination of tracks is slightly related to Gilles Peterson’s style.
  • Radio Fly Foot Selecta – From France: An amateur station playing exotic sounding music; much reggae.
  • Tout Nouveau, Tout FIP – From France and part of the FIP family. It’s like the ‘regular’ FIP, but just playing music released the last couple of years.
  • Worldwide FM – From the UK instead of France: A Gilles Peterson creation. World music, jazzy stuff, beats, soulful hip hop and more; somewhat similar to Le Mellotron (but I prefer Le Mellotron). Many shows.

Dance stations

  • Deep FM – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken). Many kinds of dance music and a complete, thought-out program schedule.
  • FIP, Auteur De L’Electro * – From France, playing subtle kinds of electronic music. Partly midtempo, partly uptempo. One of FIP’s sub streams.
  • Kif Radio – From France. I’m talking about the ‘original’ Kif (there are three stations more): a mix of disco, funk and groovy house.
  • Laut.FM Minimal Calling – From Germany. Non-stop techno, tech house and minimal.
  • Pro FM – From the Netherlands, despite the English language: Many kinds of (quite) mainstream, danceable music; from the late 70s till now. Often non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • RauteMusik TechHouse – From Germany, playing tech house and minimal. Very similar to the Minimal Calling stream.
  • Underground FG – From France. This station plays techno, tech house, minimal and subtle kinds of ‘regular’ house, and from time to time there are dj mixes. On the same website I also recommend FG House Chic; at least for those with a soft spot for soulful/groovy house.

Relaxing/headphone music

  • Chroma Radio Ambient * – From Greece. Ambient music, zero beats, non-stop. With some nature sounds from time to time.
  • (Echoes Of Bluemars) Cryosleep * – Unknown heritage. Again: ambient music, zero beats, non-stop (but less nature sounds, compared to the station above). The ‘Echoes Of Bluemars’-streams are copies of the original Bluemars streams btw, made by a fan of the – since a couple of years not existing anymore – original streams.
  • OEM Radio – From the USA. Many kinds of electronic music, at their Facebook page they say ‘downtempo, IDM, ambient, dub, minimal techno, psychill, glitch-hop, others’.
  • Groove Salad – From the USA. One of the Soma FM streams, playing lounge/downtempo.
  • Drone Zone – From the USA. One of the Soma FM streams, playing ambient music.

Impossible to make head or tails of it

  • Bruzz – From Belgium (Dutch spoken). There are nice genre shows late at night, within many genres; often published at their Mixcloud account. Recommended: Chunks Of Funk and The Jazz Station, both at Sunday night. During office hours (Central European Time) it’s a station with local news from Brussels and better known tracks.
  • Ckut – From Canada. A Montreal based college station, playing tracks within about 1001 styles, often quite obscure. There’s a complete schedule and often much talk between the tracks. You can download their shows; among them the great WeFunk show. Sadly, there are no playlists published.
  • WFMU – From The USA. A New York based, independent station similar to Ckut. A complete schedule, a weird mix of styles, much talk. But in opposite to Ckut, there are tracks titles shown in the display of my wifi radio.

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