*** Carefully selected old music, to try or to feel nostalgic about. Choose a decade or era, and after that a level (first page = top selection). ***

Webradios, 1 (oldies)

Most played internet stations (*) + more recommendations. No info about shows/presentation means at least 80% non-stop music.

Hard to categorize oldies stations

  • Goodmix Radio – From France. An amateur station lacking both a clear format and website. Like the owner says on that site: “Pop, rock, soul, funk, reggae, urban, jazz, oldies.” O.k., there are two things to say: 1) Nearly everything is old, and 2) very important, it’s mostly good music.
  • KX Classics * – From the Netherlands. Originally it was a sub station of the ‘original’ KX Radio (more about that below; thís one remains broadcasting though), playing a wide variety of old music, from decades ago till some years ago. Type of music: the relatively edgy side of the mainstream/semi-alternative classics. It’s originally an idea of Dutch radio dj Rob Stenders.
  • KX Radio Archief * – From The Netherlands (Dutch spoken): The ‘original’ KX Radio, broadcasting since 2005, is on it’s last legs now. Some people have collected lots of old shows though; collected on this stream. These shows were presented by lots of (in The Netherlands) well-known music lovers. A big part of the playlist is pop/rock oriënted, but there’s also other music.
  • Nostalgie (Antwerp) – From Belgium (Dutch spoken), playing a wide variety of oldies. There are more ‘Nostalgie’ stations, but the Belgian version is my favorite one. Much presentation.

Mainstream 80s, 90s and 00s music

  • Hotmixradio 80 – From France, playing general 80s mainstream.
  • Hotmixradio 90 – From France, playing general 90s mainstream, but also late 80s and early 00s tracks fitting the format.
  • Hotmixradio 2000 – From France, playing general 00s mainstream.
  • 1.fm Absolute 90s * – Unknown heritage. A wide variety of mainstream 90s music. !!! Important: You have to register with Facebook before you’re able to access this station at the website.
  • Radio 80s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 80s music (and some late 70s and early 90s fitting the format). The Radio Juice stations are amateur projects, btw.

(Slightly) alternative 80s, 90s and 00s music

  • Ersatz Radio * – From the UK, playing slightly alternative 80s/90s/(early/mid) 00s music. Not just pure rock, ánd not just the (alternative) classics.
  • Indie Rewind – From the UK, playing rock/indie classics of the 80s and 90s – and sometimes 00s.
  • Pinguin Classics – From the Netherlands, playing alternative classics of the 80s/90s/(early/mid) 00s. Most music is guitar based.

Danceable (late) 80s, 90s and 00s music

  • Addicted To Radio, 90’s Dance & Beyond – From the USA: Mainstream dance, released from the late 80s till the early 00s. Many commercials.
  • Double XX * – From Belgium: Dance music of the late 80s and the early 90s. An amateur station with nice imaging.
  • Planet 90 – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): A wide variety of commercial sounding 90s dance. Their database is huge and many tracks haven’t been chart hits. Besides a non-stop playlist, there are some shows broadcasted.
  • Radio 90s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 90s music + some late 80s and early 00s fitting the format. Most tracks are dance/hip hop/r&b.
  • Radio 00s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 00s music + some late 90s and early 10s fitting the format. Most tracks are dance/hip hop/r&b.

Danceable music, 70s and (early/mid) 80s

  • BMC Radio – From the Netherlands, playing funk, disco, soul and r&b of +/- 1970-2000, although it seems to focus on the first two decades. Contains some shows (but mostly it’s non-stop).
  • Club DDD – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): 40 years of soul and disco. Mostly non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • Radio Stad Den Haag – From The Netherlands: High energy, Italo, electro, disco. There are some shows broadcasted.

40s, 50s, 60s and/or 70s (except disco/funk stations)

…or 60s/70s + 80s combinations. And the disco/funk stations are in the section above.

  • 192 Radio * – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies of the 60s and the 70s. Sometimes presentation, when old shows are aired again.
  • Extra Gold * – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies of the 60s till the early 90s, and sometimes more recent songs. Much presentation and loaded with jingles and old commercials.
  • Radio 70s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 70s music (mainly).
  • Radio Tijdloos – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies, mostly 50s and 60s. Many songs are in the Dutch language.
  • Illionois Street Lounge – From the USA, playing exotica of the 40s/50s/60s. It’s a station of the Soma FM family.

Old hip hop music + related styles

  • Addicted To Radio, Old School Rap – From the USA, playing rap music of the 80s, 90s and a little bit of the early 00s. Many commercials.
  • Super Throwback Party Radio – From the USA, playing hip hop, new jack swing, r&b, etcetera of the 80s and 90s. It’s a station with relatively much imaging.
  • WeFunk * – From Canada: Hip hop, funk, soul and related styles. The stream consists of shows once created in the past (the oldest ones are of the early 00s) and sometimes a recent one. The WeFunk show is a part of the college station CKut, also interesting.


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