*** Carefully selected old music, to try or to feel nostalgic about. Choose a decade or era, and after that a level (first page = top selection). ***

Webradios, 1 (oldies)

The most played stations here. No info about shows/presentation means at least 80% non-stop music.

General 80s, 90s and 00s music

  • Hotmixradio 80 – From France, playing general 80s mainstream.
  • Hotmixradio 90 – From France, playing, general 90s mainstream, but also late 80s and early 00s tracks fitting the format.
  • Hotmixradio 2000 – From France, playing general 00s mainstream.
  • KX Classics 80s & 90s – From the Netherlands. It’s a Rob Stenders production, who is a famous radio dj in The Netherlands. Semi-alternative format, mostly pop and rock but also other music. When clicking the stream, it seems to be called ‘KX Classics – The Edge’, and besides 80s and 90s also playing music of the first half of the 00s.
  • 1.fm Absolute 90s – Unknown heritage. A wide variety of mainstream 90s music. !!! Important: You have to register with Facebook before you’re able to access this station at the website – which is the case here, because I can’t find a regular stream link.
  • Radio 80s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 80s music (and some late 70s and early 90s fitting the format). The Radio Juice stations are amateur projects, btw.

Danceable (late) 80s, 90s and 00s music

  • Addicted To Radio, 90’s Dance & Beyond – From the USA: Mainstream dance, released from the late 80s till the early 00s. Many commercials.
  • Double XX – From Belgium: Dance music of the late 80s and the early 90s. An amateur station with nice imaging.
  • Maxximum 90’s – From France: The 90s station of the Radio FG family. The better side of mainstream dance, mainly focussing on tracks released till the mid 90s.
  • Planet 90 – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): A wide variety of commercial sounding 90s dance. Their database is huge and many tracks haven’t been chart hits. Besides a non-stop playlist, there are some shows broadcasted.
  • Radio 90s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 90s music + some late 80s and early 00s fitting the format. Most tracks are dance/hip hop/r&b.
  • Radio 00s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 00s music + some late 90s and early 10s fitting the format. Most tracks are dance/hip hop/r&b.

Danceable music, 70s and (early/mid) 80s

  • BMC Radio – From the Netherlands, playing funk, disco, soul and r&b of +/- 1970-2000, although it seems to focus on the first two decades. Contains some shows (but mostly it’s non-stop).
  • Club DDD – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): 40 years of soul and disco. Mostly non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • Radio Stad Den Haag – From The Netherlands: High energy, Italo, electro, disco. There are some shows broadcasted.

40s, 50s, 60s and/or 70s (except disco/funk stations)

…or 60s/70s + 80s combinations.

  • 192 Radio – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies of the 60s and 70s. Sometimes presentation, when old shows are aired again.
  • Extra Gold – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies of the 60s till early 90s, and sometimes more recent songs. Much presentation and loaded with jingles and old commercials.
  • Radio 0511 – From The Netherlands (Dutch spoken), playing 60s, 70s and 80s music. Partly presented from monday till friday (reruns), much presentation in the weekends. If you like ExtraGold, you can also try this one.
  • Radio 70s Juice – From Italy: Mainstream 70s music (mainly).
  • Radio Tijdloos – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Golden oldies, mostly 50s and 60s.
  • Illionois Street Lounge – From the USA, playing exotica of the 40s/50s/60s. It’s a station of the Soma FM family.

Old hip hop music + related styles

  • Addicted To Radio, Old School Rap – From the USA, playing rap music of the 80s, 90s and a little bit of the early 00s. Many commercials.
  • WeFunk – From Canada: Hip hop, funk, soul and related styles. The stream consists of shows once created in the past (the oldest ones are of the early 00s) and sometimes a recent one. The WeFunk show is a part of the college station CKut, also interesting.

Hard to categorize oldies stations

  • KX Classics – From the Netherlands, and playing a wide variety of old music; from decades ago till some years ago. Type of music: the relatively edgy side of the mainstream/semi-alternative classics. Originally an idea of Dutch radio dj Rob Stenders.
  • Nostalgie (Antwerp) – From Belgium (Dutch spoken), playing a wide variety of oldies. There are more ‘Nostalgie’ stations, but the Belgian version is my favorite one. Much presentation.

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